Student loans can be erased “discharged” in bankruptcy.

Student loans can be erased “discharged” in bankruptcy.   The attached Order discharging my client’s Discover Financial Services private student loans was signed by Judge Ashely M. Chan on March 25, 2020 pursuant to 11 USC § 523(a)(8) and 11 USC § 727.   Don’t listen to those Google lawyers with a JD degree in googling. As B.A. Baracus eloquently said: “I ain’t get time for that jibba jabba.”

Ink Signatures – Local Bankruptcy Rule 5005-7(b)(2)(A)

We’re All In This Together. In the US, the cascade of economic repercussions are beginning to sink-in as businesses close their doors; workers are furloughed; and worried consumers resort to the panic-buying of household essentials. We’re doing everything in our power to continue serving you in the way you’ve come to expect from us. We’ve deployed a mobile drop off system as of March 19, 2020 to ensure social distancing;  place the health and well-being of our Clients first; and comply with Local Bankruptcy Rule 5005-7(b)(2)(A) which mandates that all Debtors physically sign all documents. And remember that you can do 

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Obtaining a Default Judgment is a two-step process in Bankruptcy Court.

What “Default Judgment” Means A “default judgment” is the kind of judgment generally entered in cases where one party fails to show up to defend a lawsuit. Courts typically enter default judgments in favor of the plaintiffs in cases where the defendants did not respond to the complaint. Shortly after a complaint is filed, the defendant is supposed to respond to the complaint by submitting an answer or by filing a motion to dismiss. If the defendant does neither of those things, it risks entry of default and default judgment. The 1st Step – Entering a Default Obtaining a default 

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Understanding & Serving a Contested Matter

What is a Contested Matter? What constitutes a “contested matter” is not always clear, and the text of the rule provides little guidance. Other bankruptcy rules, however, specify what is a contested matter by referencing Rule 9014 in their text.             Contested Matters include: a) Proceeding to dismiss, convert or suspend a case. Fed. R.Bankr. P. 1017(f)(1). b) Motion to review appointment of Creditors’ Committee. Rule 2007.1(a) c) Review of any act or failure to act by the United States Trustee. Rule 2020. d) Objection to confirmation of a plan. Rule 3015(f). e) Request to 

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Stopping a Philadelphia Sheriff Sale on February 4, 2020

Stopping a Philadelphia Sheriff Sale on February 4, 2020 – T minus 15 minutes.  #sheriff #sale #philadelphia

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