Kilimanjaro 2017

The Kilimanjaro 2017 team departs in 58 days (September 21, 2017) and everyone is getting their vaccinations this week a few months before we are due to fly.

The Center for Disease Control recommends the following vaccinations for Tanzania:

• Yellow Fever
• Hep A & B
• Rabies
• Diphtheria/Tetanus/Polio
• Typhoid
• Malaria

Fortunately, the ailments we are likely to encounter in East Africa are easily treated and rarely life-threatening. The most common ailment is simply an upset stomach, and most of the time this is the result of the human body adapting to the bacteria of East African cuisine and water.

Aside from obtaining a prescription of antidiarrheal medication, the best advice is to eat all hot meals and avoid cold food as the bacteria often originates in water that has not been boiled. Eating hot meals ensures that the bacteria has been killed can could very well minimize any upset stomach.

Penye nia ipo njia
Tanzanian Proverb
(Where there’s a will there’s a way)

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