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  • We stop debt collectors phone calls and threats.

We make lawbreakers pay. Abusive collectors are liable for up to $1,000 in damages, plus court costs and attorney fees.

  • If you have ever been behind in paying your bills, you know that you’re guaranteed to hear from a debt collector. A debt collector is someone, other than the creditor, who regularly collects debts owed to someone else. Lawyers who collect debts are considered to be debt collectors, too. And debt collectors are abusive. They violate the law, but you can fight back!

Debt collection harassment is illegal and you can be compensated for any injury suffered. The following debt collection activities are illegal:

  • Threatening lawsuits, garnishment, liens, or arrest for not paying a bill
  • Calling your family, friends, neighbors or employers to collect a debt
  • Leaving abusive phone messages
  • Insulting, yelling or swearing at you
  • Calling your workplace after telling the collector not to call you there

If you have suffered from any of these abusive bill collection practices, you may be entitled to compensation.  We can help any consumer who is currently in collections, or has suffered from collection harassment.  Call us today at (215) 854-6342 to speak with an attorney and get a free phone consultation on your case.

The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (known as the “FDCPA”) is a consumer protection statute and was intended to permit, even encourage consumer law firms like Dunne Law Offices, P.C. to act as private attorney generals to pursue FDCPA claims.

If you suffered financial, physical, or even emotional harm from the illegal collection harassment, you might consider suing the collector. In a successful debt collection suit, you can recover all your damages, no matter how large they are. Even if you are not damaged by the illegal collection activity, you can also sue the collector for up to $1,000 plus all of your attorney fees.

On top of the $1,000, you can recover for any injuries that were caused by the illegal conduct. Courts may award damages for emotional injuries as loss of happiness, loss of energy, loss of sleep, tension headaches, crying spells and marital problems.

Where the collector’s conduct is seriously improper, you may also be able to recover punitive damages on top of your actual damages. Examples of such conduct are threats to throw you in jail, to deport you, or have your children taken away. The punitive damages are intended to punish the collector and prevent future misconduct.

Debt Collector: (Did any of these debt collectors harass you at work or home?)

 ABC Financial

Absolute Credit

Accelerated Financial Solutions, LLC

Access Receivable Management

Account Control Technology, Inc.

Accounts Receivable Management, Inc.

Ace Cash Services

Advanced Collections Services

Advanced Credit Recovery, Inc.

Advantage Assets II, Inc.

AFNI, Inc.

Alliance One

Allied Interstate

Allstate Financial Services

American Adjustment Bureau, Inc.

American Credit and Collections, LLC

American Education Services



Apothaker and Associates, P.C.

Arrow Financial Services

ARS National Services, Inc.

Asset Acceptance Capital Corp.

Asset Acceptance, LLC

Asset Recovery Solutions, LLC

Associated Credit Services

Associated Recovery Systems

B & B Recovery, LLC

Bank of America

Bay Area Credit Service

Bayside Asset Recovery, LLC

BCR Bureau of Collection Recovery, LLC

Burton Neil and Associates

Byron and Davis

Cach, LLC

California Recovery Collections

Calvary Portfolio Services

Cambridge, Huxle and Associates

Capital Collection Service

Capital Management Services

Capital One

Capital Recovery Associates, Inc.

CAR and Associates

Cardworks Servicing


CBCS Collections

Central Credit Services, Inc.

Central Financial Group

Central Select Group

Chase Auto Finance

Chase Card Services

Chase Manhatten

Chrysler Financial

Citibank South Dakota

Citizens Bank

Clayton, Myrick, McClannhan and Coulter, PLLC

Cohen & Slamowitz, LLP

CollecCorp Corporation

Collection Company of America

Collection Specialists, Inc.

Collection Technology, Inc.

Commercial Recovery Systems, Inc.

Commonwealth Financial Systems

Community Management Services

Community Surgical Supply

Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc.

Credigy Receivables, Inc.

Credit Acceptance Corporation

Credit Management Company

Credit Management, LP

Creditor’s Interchange

Creditors Financial Group

Dahlink Financial Corporation

DBF Collections

Delanore Kemper and Associates

Delta Management

Diversified Collection Services, Inc.

Eastern Asset Management, LLC


Edwin A. Abrahamsen and Associates

Eichenbaum and Stylianou, LLC

Elan Financial Services

Encore Receivable Management

Enhanced Recovery Corporation

Enterprise Recovery System


ER Solutions, Inc.

ERC, Jacksonville, Florida

Ezell Williams and Associates

Fair Collections and Outsourcing

Faloni and Associates

Falzone Law Firm

FASLO Solutions

Ferraro and Boule

Financial Accounts Services Team, Inc.

Financial Asset Management / Bank of America

Financial Credit Service, Inc.

Financial Recovery Service of Minnesota

First National Collection Bureau, Inc.

First Source Advantage

FMS Financial Solutions

Focus Receivables Management

Forster and Garbus, LLP

Franklin Collection Service, Inc.

Frederic I. Weinberg, Esq.

Frederick J. Hanna and Associates

Frontline Asset Strategies, LLC

Fulton, Friedman and Gullace, LLP

GC Services, LP

Girvin Ferlazzo, PC

Global International, Inc.


Gordon & Weinberg

Great Seneca Financial Corp

Harrison Ross Byck, Esq., P.C.

Hayt, Hayt and Landau, LLC

Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group, LLC

Howard Lee Schiff, PC

Intelligent Collections System

Internal Credit Systems, Inc.

Investment Resolution

Irving Kaplan and Associates

J.A. Cambece Law Offices, P.C.

Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC

Key Collections

Kream and Kream

Kreppel Law Firm

Law Offices of Laurence A. Hecker

Law Offices of Alan Landa

Law Offices of Andreu, Palman and Andreu, PL

Law Offices of Mitchell N. Kay, P.C.

Law Offices of Richard Symansky

Leading Edge Recovery Solutions, LLC

London and London

LTD Financial Services, L.P.

LVNV Funding

Lyons, Doughty and Veldhuis, P.C.

Main Street Acquisitions Corp.

Mann Bracken

Margaret Harris

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau

Merrick Bank Corporation

Midland Credit Management, Inc.

Midland Funding

Monarch Recovery Management, Inc.

MRS Associates

Mullooly, Jeffrey, Rooney and Flynn, LLP

NAFS, Inc.

Nashville Adjustment Bureau

National Action Financial Services, Inc.

National Asset Recovery, Inc.

National Commercial Services, Inc.

National Credit Adjusters

National Enterprise System

National Recovery Solutions, LLC

Nationwide Asset Services

Nationwide Credit



NCO Financial Systems


North Star Capital Acquisitions, LLC

Northstar Location Services

Nu Island Partner, LLC

Nudleman, Nudleman and Ziering

OSI Collection Services, Inc.


P & B Capital, LLC

Palisades Collection

PayDay One

Penn Credit Corporation

Penncro and Associates

Performance Capital Management, LLC

Pinacle Financial Group

Pioneer Credit Recovery, Inc.

Portfolio Recovery Associates

Praxis Financial Services, Inc.

Pressler and Pressler

Professional Account Services, Inc.

Professional Debt Management

Progressive Financial Services

R & B Financial Services

Randolph, Boyd, Cherry and Vaughan

Razor Capital, LLC

Receivable Performance Management

Redline Recovery Services, LLC

Reliant Capital Solutions, LLC

Remit Corporation

RGM and Associates

Richard J. Boudreau and Associates

RSI Enterprises, Inc.

Schechtman Halperin Savage, LLP

Schreiber Law Firm, LLC


Slater, Tenaglia, Fritz and Hunt, P.A.

Snap On

SRA Collections

SRS and Associates

Stark and Stark

Stock and Grimes

Stoneleigh Recovery Associates, LLC

Sunrise Credit Service, Inc.

Synergetic Communication, Inc.

Tobin and Melien

Toyota Financial Services

Toyota Motor Credit Corp.

TRS Recovery Services Inc.

Unifund CCr Partners

United Collections Bureau

United Recovery Systems

Universal Debt Solutions


Valentine and Kebartas


Weinberg, Stanley and Associates

Wells Fargo

Weltman, Weinberg and Reis

Wilson Judgment Recovery

Worldwide Recoveries, LLC

Zucker, Goldberg, Ackerman, LLC

Zwicker & Associates

Call us today at (215) 854-6342 to speak with an attorney and get a free phone consultation on your case.

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