Dream It or Live It – Kilimanjaro Challenge 2017

kilimanjaro_challengeOn September 24th, 2017, I will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the world’s highest freestanding mountain, to assist the Philadelphia-Serengeti Alliance (PSA) mission of building water wells in the Serengeti, Rorya and Busega districts of Tanzania.

Water development is of the most fundamental importance. Women and girls in Tanzania bear a great burden due to the scarcity of clean, safe drinking water. They are deprived of education, largely because their time is taken up by the laborious task of carrying water from rivers and streams, which can take about half a day. What water there is, often carries dangerous microorganisms, and while fetching it women may be victims of attack by men or by wild animals. PSA’s goal is to develop water resources — to improve public health and to free women and girls to successfully pursue education and contribute more effectively to their communities.  

If you are interested in a once-in-a-lifetime adventure – please contact me at 215-551-7109 or [email protected]

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