ZOOM – 7 Tips on the New 341 Meeting of Creditors

1. Schedule a practice session with your client prior to the scheduled 341 Meeting of Creditors. This will provide a wonderful opportunity to resolve/troubleshoot most problems with both parties audio and video settings.

> Practice Pointer: Do not use a cellphone. Use a desktop or laptop computer only.

2. Scan the entire bankruptcy petition and place it on your desktop. Select Share Screen once the 341 begins and turn to page 6. This will allow both the Trustee and Debtor to confirm the signature on page 6 and move the 341 along without further delay.

> Practice Pointer: Try to mitigate confusion and delay.

3. Use the chat function to communicate via text message with the Trustee to ensure all parties can hear/see everyone in attendance at the beginning of the 341.

4. Test your audio and video settings in advance of the 341 by following this link – https://zoom.us/test.

> Practice Pointer: Click on Test Mic to confirm input level.

> Practice Pointer: Click on Speaker to confirm output level.

5. Mute and unmute with the space bar.

> Practice Pointer: Press space bar and mute your microphone, then press and hold the space bar whenever you need to talk.

6. Change your Zoom background. Transport yourself to the beach by selecting a different setting in virtual background.

> Practice Pointer: Settings > Virtual Background

7. Touch up your appearance by checking the softening filter.

> Practice Pointer: Settings > Video Settings > Touch up my appearance

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