Pennsylvania Consumer Protection

Have you received phone calls from collectors trying to collect a debt? Have you been threatened? Have they called your workplace even after you asked them to stop? I can help protect you from aggressive collection actions.

Debt collection harassment is illegal and punishable by law. As a resident of Pennsylvania, you have more rights than you may realize. Consumer laws, such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), protect and empower you to take action in a court of law. We can fight back against aggressive collectors.

How Do I Know If a Collector Has Crossed the Line?

Debt collectors can be abusive in their tactics. They may not even be aware of the damage they are causing until a lawsuit reminds them of your rights. It is illegal for collectors to:

  • Threaten you with lawsuit, wage garnishment, liens or arrest
  • Leave abusive phone messages
  • Insult you, yell, or swear
  • Call friends, family, employers or neighbors
  • Call your workplace after you have told them not to contact you at work

If you have been subject to wrongful behavior matching or in excess of any of these descriptions, then you may be entitled to compensation.

Suing for Damages under Consumer Laws

For infractions meeting any of the above descriptions, the law allows you to sue for $1,000 and an amount to cover your attorney’s fees. Further compensation is possible, if an aggressive collection attempt resulted in physical harm, lost money, or emotional damages. The amount depends on the severity of the damage inflicted.

Serious infractions can result in additional punitive damages. Serious infractions include excessive threats, such as deportation or putting you in jail. If you suspect a collector has treated you unprofessionally or unfairly, then give me a call.

For every consumer who reports unlawful collection practices, there are others who suffer in silence. Taking action against unlawful collectors helps reduce violations, overall. That is why we will aggressively defend your rights.

You can tell me the full extent of a collector’s misconduct and how it has affected your well-being. As passionate consumer defenders, we can help protect you from harassing phone calls and give collectors reason to reduce their unlawful conduct with others like you.

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